Welcome to Just Sauced.. "the ultimate cult brand" (80's American surfer dude voice) so people and publications tell us. Honestly we are truly flattered that somehow in all our chaos.. somehow.. we've managed to create an underground cult brand based around swimwear, with a dedicated, passionate and beautiful fanbase.

 Meeting the people that wear our designs is the best thing in the world. Not only have they parted with their hard earned cash and also shower us with female empowered compliments face to face, they understand the brand, they just get it. That's probably why we have a very selected fanbase that Just Sauced (not us) have selected. Just Sauced is more than a label. Imagine Just Sauced is the sexiest guy on the planet. You really fancy him and he desperatley wants to ask you out and you just stare in total awe of him and come to conclusion that you just can't go there. That's because he's Christian fucking Slater and you are literally having heart palpatations just looking at him.

But I say, because we are pals with Christian Slater, he recognises a cult girl when he see's one and once you've realised that he's into you and only you, you're going to have to give in sometime and trust me when you do, it feels wonderful!


 Alex Mac and his wife Hannagh Mac who is the founder and creative director.

Black owned biz!

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